Providing a good future - for exposed children and orphans

In Cebu City, in the Philippines, thousands of helpless children are sleeping on the streets. The government offer absolutely nothing to prevent or improve this situation. In most other countries a variety of governmental institutions and services like orphanages, foster homes and medical care provide better conditions for the weakest groups of our society. Read more

Medical care and life-saving - for the poorest of the poor

For the two million people living in Cebu City, there are only two medium-sized hospitals providing medical care for the public who are not able to pay the high costs of private hospital charges. These are the Cebu City Medical Center and the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center. In these two public hospitals the queues are unbearably long and people will wait for days and nights Read more

A life with possibilities - for disabled children

The Children's Association make a difference by using all financial means available to help those who need it the most. Our primary target group is exposed children. Of this group, the largest part are those living on the streets, orphans and those in need of medical care. The minority of this group are children often forgotten by the rest of society... Read more

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