The Children's Association is a non-profitable, child-assistance organization which aims to make lasting positive changes to the lives of children in need. The Children's Association work with poor countries in the developing world to help children and families improve their health, education and economic opportunities. Read more

Helping exposed children

In Cebu City in the Philippines, thousands of helpless children are sleeping rough on the streets. Infants, babies, children and their families are left to a destiny where, those who survive their harsh childhood, are more than 90% likely to end up as prostitutes, drug-addicts, alcoholics and/ or criminals. The Children's Association in the Philippines are working towards improving this terrible situation. Read more
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Saving childrens lives

There are over two million people living in Cebu City with only two medium-sized public hospitals. For children of poor Cebu families, the costs are still too high to be able to use this very limited medical service. The Children's Association help many of these vulnerable children receive minimum crucial medical treatment. Read more

Providing dignity for disabled children

An important target group of The Children's Association are children with disabilities. The Children's Association support our local partner to develop their organization and services aimed at this group. We want these unfortunate children to have a life of dignity along with giving them working possibilities for the future. Read more
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