Providing a good future - for exposed children and orphans

In Cebu City thousands of helpless children are sleeping in the streets. The government offer absolutely nothing to prevent or improve this situation. In most other countries a variety of governmental institutions and services like orphanages, foster homes, medical care and more provide better conditions for the weakest groups of our society. In the hostile environment of Cebu City nothing is offered to help these extremely exposed children.

Babies, children and their families are left to a destiny where those who survive their harsh childhood are more than 90% likely to end up as prostitutes, drug-addicts, alcoholics and/ or criminals. The Children's Association works to improve this terrible situation whilst providing a safe environment for these children to grow up in.

Since the local organisation in Cebu was established we have provided primary needs such as food and medication for a large number of Cebu's exposed children along with a large centre for homeless children providing food and shelter. Our devoted employees will also, willingly, love and care for these lonely orphans and, finally, these poor, exposed children will find a place where they belong and are able to call their home.

Further, The Children's Association's centre will provide a large number of services, education and activities aiming to give the children crucial survival skills. They will learn how to become responsible young adults, from obtaining work to managing their lives before, finally, taking the responsibility to have families of their own. We believe this is the only way to give the thousands of exposed children in Cebu the possibility of a future they really deserve. We urge you to be a part of making their world a better world by helping us to do this.

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