Ways of supporting our work:

Regular Donor
You choose the amount you wish to donate and how often. Your contribution can benefit any of our projects - you choose!


You choose the project you wish to sponsor along with the amount you wish to donate to on a monthly basis.


Telephone donor
You choose the amount you wish to donate every time we call you. This is our largest donor group and we are pleased to give you a personal update on our progress with your donation with each and every call.


Remember - it is not how much you donate or how often you donate that is important - the important thing is that we have your support!


We can help out

The Children's Association and our volunteer workers along with our devoted employees, guarantee that the funds you send to the poorest children of Asia, will benefit these children in the best possible way!

You will be regularly updated

Never before has your support been so important in helping us to remove so much pain and suffering from these beautiful young children's lives. On behalf of the children, you help on a daily basis, and us here at The Children's Association, we thank you all, from the very bottom of our hearts!

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